What we think what we think

what we think

A good brand makes you look, but a great brand makes you think. It wakes you up. A powerful brand is thought-provoking and inspiring. Our specialty is activating big ideas that make brain cells jump into action.

What we feel what we feel

what we feel

The pulse-pounding climb to the top of a roller coaster. The fireworks of a first kiss. The music of your baby’s first words. Emotions are unforgettable, and so are the brands that connect to them. We create and nurture those connections by uncovering a brand’s purpose and genuinely sharing it with the world.

What we do what we do

what we do

Brand Figment is an ideation and strategy agency
for brands.

We help brands make deeper, longer-lasting connections with their customers and with themselves. Using a human-centered approach that starts in the mind and leads to the heart, we help our client partners find the deepest essence of their brand – the thing that will inspire people to think, feel, and do.

Our services:

  • Concept creation, ideation, and development
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand platform creation
  • Brand activation strategy
  • Identity system design
  • Product development and design
  • Market research
  • Brand perception and loyalty research
  • Product testing
  • Name/concept/creative testing
  • Social engagement strategy
  • Integrated content development

process (think feel do™)

think feel do™ is our human-centered approach to concept and design. Here’s how it works:

First, we strip the brand or concept down to its component parts, identifying the essential human elements that will resonate with the audience in a personal and emotional way.

Then we develop the concept into a simple, concise story that portrays the concept's unique qualities. This might be through photos, illustration, copy, video, and more.

Next we build structure around the concept, defining the voice, attitude, look, feel, and tone.

We then explore and define the visual identity of the concept, from typography to patterns to textures to mediums it lives in.

Finally we identify the content and delivery mechanisms that support the concept’s activation into the cultural and social channels it most naturally identifies with.

Along the way we test, question, rethink, and evolve.

how we can help

We collaborate best with visionary organizations that share our belief in a purposeful 360-degree brand experience, who are willing to take a few chances and explore new possibilities for communication and interaction with their audience.

Here are some problems we've helped clients solve:

  • Loss of brand loyalty
  • Lack of clear brand definition
  • Lack of differentiation in the market
  • Stale tactics
  • Disappointing social engagement
  • Internal teams too close to the problem
  • Not enough internal resources to truly ideate
  • Need for lightning-fast ideas
  • Disappointing traffic numbers
  • Just plain out of fresh ideas


For more than 20 years we've been working with the world's largest and most innovative brands.


This is where people say good things about us.

"Brand Figment help me get my business off the ground." - John Doe, Principal, New Company, Inc.


Guy Dineen

Chief Strategy Officer

Guy Dineen has been a pioneer in interactive brand experiences and innovative approaches to collaboration and idea generation for more than a decade. Recognized for his optimistic spirit and unique “what if” approach, Guy has helped build some of the world’s largest brands including Pep Boys Auto, Match.com, Blockbuster, and Nutrisystem.

After successfully launching 2 evolutions of Match.com, the world’s largest online dating product, Guy created and led GDD Interactive, a boutique interactive marketing and strategy agency. Under his inspirational leadership GDD has become best known for its impactful brand and eMareting work with powerhouse brands like Pep Boys Auto and T.G.I. Friday’s, has been recognized with numerous industry awards, and has enjoyed 100%+ growth year over year since opening its doors.

Guy is now focusing his attention on collaborating with visionary organizations that share the belief in a purposeful 360-degree brand experience, who are willing to take a few chances and explore new possibilities for communication and interaction with their human customers.

Chad Hartwick

Chief Creative Officer

Chad Hartwick has spent the last 25 years designing beautiful brand experiences for a huge variety of significant clients, including PepsiCo, KPMG, Southwest Airlines, Sports Illustrated, Interstate Batteries, Pizza Hut, and Victoria’s Secret. Before joining Brand Figment as Executive Creative Director and brand visionary, Chad held creative director rolls at online subscription giants Match.com and Blockbuster. He also led the digital brand team for Omnicom agency Javelin Direct, where he pitched and won work for AT&T and Bank of America.


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Guy Dineen

Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

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E. guy.dineen@brandfigment.com


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